Friday, 11 May 2018

Pirates and Ponds

We started our week by learning about the events of Pentecost. We listened to the story and did some actions to help us remember what happened in the story. Afterwards we made some crowns, flags and cards to remind us that Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit and that’s Good News!

As we got involved in our theme of Pirates we decided on having a Pirate Party. We tried using our phonics to write some lists of party food and thought of friends we would like to come to our party.

In maths we are continuing to practise recording the numbers of things we can count. We are getting really good at this. We played some games and used marks and numbers to record our scores.

 We are also starting to try and guess how many objects we can see, recording our guesses and then checking by counting how many objects there actually were.
This week we had a treat on Tuesday when Heidi Mansell came to visit us. She gave us little talk all about ponds and then in small groups we went to the school pond to see what we could find. 
We were shown how to skim the water with our nets and then empty them into containers. We found several different creatures. Our favourite was the Greater Water Boatman ( known as a back swimmer) because it swims backwards and breathes through its bottom. We found that fact very interesting!
On Thursday we made some lovely stain glass windows as we learned all 
about what happened when Jesus ascended into heaven.
 Next week in maths we are starting to find out about what is one more and one less than a given number. Our theme is Under the Sea and so we are looking forward to exploring some of the different creatures that live in the sea. In phonics we are continuing to practise blending sounds together eg c-a-t makes cat and seeing what initial sounds of words we can write.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Jill Clarke and the Nursery Team.

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