Friday, 23 March 2018

Bubbles and more!

Today the children were visited by Simon Adamyk and were delighted to learn all about bubbles. They were taught how to mix up their own bubble solution and learnt how to create simple bubble wands and explored many different pieces of equipment that can be used as bubble wands. They were wowed by some amazing bubbles and YES you can find yourself in a giant bubble – take a look!

Last week we read the Story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears. The children have been retelling the story in the role play area, joining in with the repeated refrains. We have been talking to the children about the size of the bears and the children have taken part in a range of Maths activities related to size. 

The children made their own porridge and added a choice of topping – strawberry jam, golden syrup or sugar. A difficult choice for some of them. The children created a simple pictogram to show if they liked the taste of the porridge. The results were a huge YES! The porridge was delicious!

In RE we talked about the things that will grow in spring time. We went on a walk in the playground and looked for some signs of spring. We planted some cress seeds and we are going to look after them and watch them grow.

Here are some photos of some of the other things we have been doing. 

Today we said goodbye to Hugo – we will miss you! We hope you have some wonderful adventures in Canada and enjoy your new school.

Enjoy the spring weather. Let’s hope it lasts! 

Amanda Corcoran

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