Thursday, 29 March 2018


What a busy week we have had as we have been learning all about Easter. 
On Monday we visited the Prayer Garden in small groups and explored the different areas. We all chose a stone or minibeast and placed it in the middle of the circle as we thought of someone we would like God to take care of this Easter time. 

While one group visited the garden, the other groups either decorated a cross or listened to the Easter Story as we learned about what happened on Good Friday. 

On Tuesday we visited the "Be Spirited" Prayer Stations set up in the hall. The children sat around the large cross in the middle of the hall as we started by saying our morning prayer together. 
We then split into smaller groups and visited different stations. 
At one, we chose a peg and pegged it on the cross and thought of something we would like to say sorry for. The children were very honest in their answers. 
At another station we made a wrist band for someone we would like to say thank you to God for. 
The final station had lots of clocks. We moved the hands of the clock to different times and thought of things we did at that time and how we could say thank you to God for them. For example if it was 8 o'clock we could say thank you to God for food to eat for our breakfast. 

After visiting the Prayer Stations we went back to the classroom and enjoyed a snack of fruit and hot cross buns.

Later that morning we all took part in the Nursery Easter Egg Hunt. Our thanks to Mrs McNamara and Mrs Wyer for the time they gave to organising the activities. The children absolutely loved the different things they did. 
In small groups they all did three different activities.The first one was an Easter Egg Hunt led by Mrs McNamara. She gave each child a different coloured basket and they had to find eight eggs of the same colour as their basket. What was really lovely to see, was how the children helped each other in the hunt to find the different eggs. Well done Nursery for being a kind friend to one another. 

The second activity was decorating a cone. Thank you to Henry's mum for supporting the children to decorate the cones with a variety of stickers. The children enjoyed doing this and were delighted to find something lovely to eat in it when they came to take it home. Thank you to Mrs Muir for donating some eggs. 

The third activity was decorating an Easter bonnet with Isabel's Granny. As you can see the children looked very smart in them and all enjoyed wearing them home.  

On Wednesday the children made Easter Gardens as they learned about the events of Easter Sunday. 

On Thursday the children attended Mass with the whole school. They sat beautifully during the service. We were very proud of them. Back in class they enjoyed a little Easter picnic as they celebrated the end of term. 
Here are a few of the other Easter activities they have done this week.

On behalf of all the Nursery staff I would like to wish you a very Happy Easter and a safe and happy holidays. Your children have been Nursery superstars and we hope they enjoy their holidays after all their hard work this term.We look forward to seeing you after the Easter break.  
Jill Clarke