Thursday, 1 February 2018

Winter and Space

We began last week by talking about what we knew about winter. The children had lots of interesting things to share. As we explored the theme of winter more, we made some puffy snowmen by mixing shaving foam and glue.

We took a closer look at ice and watched it melt over the course of the morning.

We also talked about how we can help birds in winter and made some bird feeders. Thank you for all the lovely donations of bird seed and ice cream cones. The children really enjoyed making the feeders. Unfortunately the squirrels were also very pleased to see the feeders and helped themselves to a lot of the bird seed!

This week we have started a theme of space. We have taken part in some activities from the book "Whatever Next" by Jill Murphy, where we either retold the story with props or by putting some pictures of the story in order. 
We also talked about how some of the planets had volcanoes and made our own erupting volcano. We will continue with this theme next week. 

 In maths we have been matching number and quantity and practising recognising the  number of dots on a dice.

 This week we thought about shapes. We played some games where we had to describe a shape saying how many sides and corners it had. 
We had an extra PE lesson this week with Mr Simmonds. The children had to pretend to be different animals. Here we are being penguins and crabs. 

In art we also finished off our textured letters. We chose different materials to decorate our letters and talked about their texture.

 In phonics we met a new puppet who could only talk in "toy talk". So when we asked him a question like;What did he like to eat? He would say ch-ee-se or f-i-sh . We had to try blending the sounds together to find out what he was saying.
In RE we continued with our theme of "Celebrating." We listened to the story of how Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the temple and met Anna and Simeon. We then dressed up and acted out the story.

What a busy couple of weeks. Here are a few of the other things we have done.

Just one quick notice. The deadline for signing up for Nursery lunches has been extended to Monday 5th February. 
Have a lovely weekend,
Jill Clarke 

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