Friday, 3 November 2017


This week we have been learning more about the season Autumn.  The days are getting shorter and there is a definite chill in the air!   As the leaves have fallen from the trees we have used them to make collage pictures, play dough imprints and looked for signs of Autumn in our outdoor learning environment. 
We have read the story “Pumpkin Soup” and the children have used their senses to explore real pumpkins.  Some children chose to design their own pumpkins.  Finally, we used the pumpkin lids as boats in the water tray! 

In Maths we explored shapes in the environment.  We were able to spot and name lots of different shapes and we are beginning to use Maths language to describe the different shapes.

Let’s get cooking! 
Mrs Hall (James’ Mum) came into help on Friday and the children make some fantastic chocolate dipped apples.  They did smell and look delicious! 
PE in the hall
We did lots of different movements in our PE session in the hall.  We wriggled like worms, jumped like frogs, crawled like a spider and rolled like a pumpkin – to name just a few! 

We have continued to enjoy the sunshine and learning outdoors as well as indoors.  Over the next few weeks we will all have a turn at planting some of the bulbs and seeds donated last half term. 

 Ralph and Victoria planting their seeds. 

We really enjoy and value having parents working with the children in the Nursery. So please take a look and sign up to one of the vacant slots on the signing up sheet.  We need parent helpers to support activities such as cooking, small group games and using the computer or iPads to explore new learning opportunities.  Thank you! 

Enjoy, but stay safe if you are out and about at Firework celebrations this weekend.

Amanda Corcoran 

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