Friday, 19 May 2017

Favourite Stories

Last week we welcomed some new friends to Nursery in the form of  caterpillars. The children have been very interested in watching them grow and we have been amazed at how quickly they have changed. They even have names: Ted, Sydney and Zima! We are looking forward to their next stage when we will be putting them in the net as we wait for them to hatch out. Thank you Henry for bringing them in. 

This week we have enjoyed finding out a little more about the children's favourite books. Thank you for sending them in for "show and tell." The children were very good at explaining why they liked their book and we have had great fun sharing them at the end of the morning. Here are a few of them.

We have also been decorating the first letter of our names using leaves and flowers. These will be displayed in nursery next week so do take a look at your child's.  In RE last week we made some lovely collage doves as we learned about what happened at Pentecost. We have hung them up in the classroom.
This week we have also been thinking about numbers in the environment. Some of us went on a walk around the school to see what numbers we could spot.

Next week we will be visiting the school pond as part of our activities on the story "The Pig and The Pond." We are hoping that the fish will pop up and say hello and we are going to see if we can catch one. In maths we will be counting and comparing amounts  and matching numbers to the correct amount of objects. 
Here are a few of the other things we have done this week. 

A quick request:We are running short of recycling materials for model making. if anyone has any they could donate please do bring them in. 
I hope you have a lovely weekend
Jill Clarke

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Books and Stories

Over the past two weeks we have enjoyed starting our topic on books and stories. We began by listening to the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears and joined in enthusiastically with the repeated refrain "Whose been.... "
We spent time exploring oats , counting how many spoonfuls would fill a pot and comparing the size of different bowls and spoons.

 We were very good at ordering objects by size.

 At the end of the week we bid a sad farewell to Mrs de klerk.
We have also been practising our fine motor skills by making some teddy bears. We sewed around the edge and decorated them with different collage items. We have made a display of them in the hall. Do take a look.
At the beginning of the week we welcomed Miss Featherby to Nursery. She spent Tuesday getting to know the children and seemed to have  learned everyone's name by 10 o'clock
 I know the children enjoyed sharing their Learning Journal 
with their parents and carers at the end of the morning. If you weren't able to make that session and would like to share your journal at home with your child,please talk to a member of staff.

Thank you for all the non fiction books that have come in for Key Worker time. The children have talked about them in detail and we have had lots of interesting questions about the pictures. In maths this week we have been learning about one more and one less. 
We have also enjoyed discovering some new activities on the ipads.

Next week we will continue to look at how we can find out information from  non fiction books. In maths we will be using positional language to describe our position or that of an object:    Eg "I am next to ... and in front of... "
 Here are a few of the other things we have done over the last two weeks.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend,
Jill Clarke