Friday, 21 October 2016

My senses

Last week we introduced the topic of ‘My senses’. The children used their sense of sight to look at different fruit; they used their sense of touch to feel the fruit. They got to smell and taste some of the fruit too. We then used the fruit to make different faces. Look what we made!

Thanks you for all the textured show and tell objects that were brought in. The children had the opportunity to talk about their object to a small group of children. Many children were able to use vocabulary like ‘soft’ , ‘hard’, ‘bumpy’ and ‘spikey’.

Our highlight for this week was a visit from a guide dog. The children were told information about the importance of guide dogs and how they are trained to help others.

In RE our new topic is ‘Baptism’ and talked about it being a special time when we become part of God’s family. The children loved sharing their photo of their own Baptism. Lots of them couldn’t believe that they were the babies in the photo!! Thank you so much for sending those photos in and sharing the special memory with us.

Thank you to all the parents for attending  Parents Evening. It was lovely to talk about the progress the children have made in the last 7 weeks!

Next term we will begin by talking about fireworks and Diwali.

Here are some more photos of use exploring and learning.....

1. Constructing

2. Number work

3. Sand play

4. Mark making

5. Other activities

We hope that you all have a super half term break and look forward to seeing you back soon.


Megan de Klerk

Saturday, 8 October 2016


The children are now familiar with the Nursery environment and we are pleased to see they are beginning to explore new areas in the classroom. The children have enjoyed visiting the art area and have had the opportunity to explore painting with a variety of different autumn objects such as conker rolling, painting with sticks…….

………used autumn coloured paint………

……..some have even enjoying exploring painting with their fingers!

We have spent time looking at natural objects such as pine cones, conkers, leaves and twigs. We have used magnifying glasses to look closely at the objects, talked about the texture of different items and had a good chance to count conkers!

Thank you to all the parents who have sent in bulbs for show and tell this week. Next week we will be planting them in the Nursery garden and we look forward to watching them grow in spring. In small groups we have talked about the bulbs; looking closely at the different sizes of the bulbs, looking at their roots and have even spent time counting them!

Next week we will be explore the theme of ‘Our senses’. Please could you remember to return your ‘My senses on the way to school sheets’. We will be sharing these in the small groups this week.

We have just finished the RE topic ‘Myself’ and we are moving onto our new topic of  ‘Baptism’. We will be looking at how we are all part of God’s special family. Please remember to send in your child’s baptism photograph so that we can look at them during the RE lesson.  (Just a reminder: they will be stuck into the Learning Journals so please don’t send in an original photo.)

Here are some more photos to show you the fun we've had....

Enjoy the rest of your weekend
Megan de Klerk