Saturday, 25 June 2016

Sports day

The week began with a visit from the Fire Service. It was great to meet the firemen and look at all their gear.

The rest of the week was dominated by talk of Sports Day! We chatted about what the children could expect to see on the day – crowds, cheering and how taking part is more important than winning.
The children have looked at numbers on sports shirts and some children had a go at writing numbers on a paper t-shirt. The children have enjoyed listening to Sports day stories. We went up to the junior’s field to run our races. We are all just about managing to run on the track in the lanes! Well done Nursery!

After Sports day we enjoyed an ice cream with the Reception class.

Here are some other photos of other things we have enjoyed this week…..

Just a quick reminder about Art and Design day on Thursday 30th June.

Have a super weekend

Megan de Klerk

Friday, 17 June 2016

Healthy eating week

This week we have been looking at how we can stay healthy. We have talked about keeping fit and looking after our bodies. Mrs Martin came into school to show us how to look after our teeth. She taught us how to brush our teeth properly and she talked about how too much sugar in foods is not good for you.

The children have enjoyed talking about their favourite meals. Together the children made a graph depicting their favourite fruit.

Then we made a fruit salad....

During Explore and Learn the class used different types of fruit and vegetables to print with. It was messy but lots of fun!

Here are some more photos showing you some of the things we did..............

On Thursday Nursery attended Mass and they all sat beautifully for its duration. Some of our children have older siblings in year 3 who were celebrating their First Holy Communions.

Don’t forget Sports Day next Friday the 24th June. Let’s hope the weather improves!!!

Have a super weekend and to all the dads, have a wonderful Father’s Day!

Megan de Klerk