Friday, 27 May 2016


This week we have been finding out about minibeasts that slither. We had a visit from some snails and slugs and were very interested to watch them move around the tray.

We had a go at drawing the snails. We have done some different art activities including marble rolling and printing to decorate snail shells. 

On Tuesday we joined with the reception class to take part in an Early Years Road Safety workshop.We started with a talk reminding us of the importance of "stop, look and listen " when we cross a road. We all had a turn at crossing the road remembering to stop, look and listen and also to hold an adult's hand.

 My thanks to the parents who were able to join us for the workshop and helped the children to cross the road. 
Later we went outside and practised crossing the road but this time we took it in turns to be the lolllipop person or the pedestrian. We particularly enjoyed dressing up and using the special stick.

Back in nursery we had some pictures to colour and some of us made our own stop signs.

 In phonics we learned the rhyme to form the letter e :"slice off the top and scoop out the egg" and thought of lots of words that started with an e including many children in nursery who have a name that starts with the sound e.
In literacy we looked at lots of different books on minibeasts, space, transport and food. We found pictures we liked and thought about what information the picture gave us. We found out something interesting from each book.
Next half term our theme for the first week will be The Queen's Birthday. On Friday nursery are invited to wear something red, white or blue as we celebrate the Queen's birthday.
A big thank you to Mr Dolan, a reception parent who has repaired our sandpit. It is looking very smart and we are looking forward to putting in some new sand.

Here are a few of the other things we have done this week.                    


After half  term we will start practising for Sports day. Please can all children wear trainers to school on a Wednesday which is our PE day.
I hope you all have a lovely half term.
Jill Clarke

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Stockwood Park

On Tuesday nursery had a very exciting day at Stockwood Discovery Centre in Luton. The children were beautifully behaved and joined in enthusiastically with all the different activities. A big thank you to all the helpers who  gave up their day to help look after the children. Here is what happened.
The day began with an exciting ride on the coach.

Once at the museum we were given a short talk by Emma one of the helpers.
Next we headed off to the lunch room and enjoyed a snack of milk ,water, fruit and a biscuit.

Now that we were refreshed we had a little time to explore the centre. Some of us went to the galleries and some to see the Podules. These were sculptures made from recycled materials which you could climb inside.

We then went to have our minibeast workshop. We hunted for "minibeasts", each group looking for a different one. 

Then we had a story about a squirrel who got stuck in a tree.
To finish ,we went and made a minibeast mask to take home.

By then we were ready for lunch.

 After lunch there was just time to have a quick hunt for some real minibeasts or a look around the grounds.
What a busy day!

During the week we have been finding out all about spiders. We have started making some collage spiders and woven our own webs.  

Next week we are finding out about snails. On Tuesday we have our Pedestrian Workshop with the reception class to which all parents are welcome. The workshop starts at 9.15am.
We have also started planting our outdoor area and are looking forward to planting some vegetables in the next few weeks.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.
Jill Clarke