Friday, 22 May 2015

Minibeasts that walk 22nd May 2015

This week, in Nursery,  we have been learning about ‘Minibeasts that walk’.

During Explore and learn, the class were able to create 3D ladybirds. The children worked carefully to cut out the shape of the ladybird and used felt tips to add the spots.

Others have enjoyed going on insect hunts in the outdoor area.

While other children were involved in a large variety of minibeast  themed activities ranging from adding minibeasts to moulding minibeast

To end off the fantastic topic of ‘Minibeasts’ , the children held  a minibeast party. The class spent the morning preparing for the party. They made mini beast cakes, wrote in birthday cards, painted minibeast party hats and enjoyed some delicious party food.

We hope you all have a fantastic and relaxing half term.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Minibeasts that fly.

This week we have enjoyed finding out lots of things about bees and ladybirds. We have made honey sandwiches and voted on whether we like honey or jam sandwiches. Honey was the clear winner. We also have been exploring different textures and making a textured minibeast with different materials.

On Tuesday Mrs Clarke drew an imaginary minibeast on the whiteboard using suggestions from the class. During Explore and Learn everyone had a go at drawing their own imaginary minibeast. What a creative bunch nursery are. We have so many wonderful minibeasts all very different and the children came up with lots of ideas as to what they might eat and drink and where they might live. Some even had super powers. I will be making a display of them in the classroom in the coming weeks.

During this week we have also welcomed many parents into the classroom as part of our “Stay and Play week”. Thank you for coming and joining in with all the different activities. I hope the Wednesday group are well rested after their work out in PE and that you all enjoyed your visit.

  Next week we will be finding out about spiders. Our sound will be h and the rhyme is “Down the head to his hooves and over his back” (horse). In maths we will be adding together small amounts and using the + sign and seeing how many different ways we can share out 8 biscuits between 2 teddies.

Here are a few of the other things we have done this week.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend
Jill Clarke