Saturday, 21 March 2015

Art week / Science, Maths and Engineering day

Another very busy week in Nursery!

This week we have enjoyed the treat of seeing all the lovely art work that the children have brought in from home. What a talented lot they are! Please make sure you stop to enjoy the beautiful display that we have created with their amazing pieces.

To continue art week, the children enjoyed colour mixing and we chatted about the 3 primary colours. We learnt a song about colour mixing and then used 2 primary colours to make a secondary colour. We used these new colours to paint caterpillars with different coloured segments.

Many thanks goes to Mrs Murphy who worked with the children and made 30 shakers – one for each child in the class! Mrs Bramell also inspired our Nursery ‘mini chefs’ and made pizza with the children. Thanks to all the parents who volunteer in the classroom.

We visited the hall and enjoyed a fantastic LEGO workshop during the Science, Maths and Engineering part of the week. The children worked well and were exceptionally focussed on the tasks. What a fun session!

Next week’s letter is ‘C’ and the rhyme goes as follows: ‘Curl around the caterpillar.’

 We have also been rehearsing our class assembly and look forward to sharing this with you on Wednesday 25th March at 9:15am.

On Friday the children are invited to bring in their Lenten boxes. In the morning we will be laying out our coins in the playground, adding the coins from nursery to those collected by the rest of the school.
Have a super weekend.
Megan de Klerk


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