Friday, 27 March 2015

I am Growing

The highlight of this week was the performance by nursery of their assembly. We enjoyed telling our visitors all about the different things we do in RE. The children were amazing: singing and dancing with great enthusiasm.

As part of our theme of "we are growing" we looked at how even in nursery we are all different heights. We compared small groups of children to see who was the tallest. We drew pictures of our families and counted how many boys and girls were in our family and found out how many people were in our family altogether.

On Friday we took our Lenton boxes and went to the library. We laid out our pennies on the letters. In RE we talked about how Lent is a time to grow in love. We thought about a way we could show love to another person and decorated our hearts.

On Friday we also finished decorating our Easter baskets which we will be needing next week.

Next week we have lots of exciting things happening in nursery.

On Monday we will be making a little Easter garden to take home to remind us why we celebrate Easter. We will also be using our Easter baskets to go on an Easter egg hunt in the playground. My thanks to the nursery parent reps for organising this. We will be having a snack of  hot cross buns.

On Tuesday we will be making chocolate krispie nests and adding a decoration and little surprise.

On Wednesday we will be visited by year 3 as they are bringing the lunch snacks that they have designed for nursery. Each year 3 is paired with a nursery child and they have chosen a book and thought of a snack that that links with the book. A couple of weeks ago year 3 visited nursery to talk to them about what things they like to eat. They will probably only need a light lunch on that day!

On Thursday we will be joining the rest of the school to celebrate Mass. We start in the key stage 1 playground waving our palm branches and singing "Hosanna Hosannna". All parents are very welcome to come. Mass starts at 9.15am.

Here are a few of the other things we have done this week.

As you can see a busy week. Have a lovely weekend

Jill Clarke

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Art week / Science, Maths and Engineering day

Another very busy week in Nursery!

This week we have enjoyed the treat of seeing all the lovely art work that the children have brought in from home. What a talented lot they are! Please make sure you stop to enjoy the beautiful display that we have created with their amazing pieces.

To continue art week, the children enjoyed colour mixing and we chatted about the 3 primary colours. We learnt a song about colour mixing and then used 2 primary colours to make a secondary colour. We used these new colours to paint caterpillars with different coloured segments.

Many thanks goes to Mrs Murphy who worked with the children and made 30 shakers – one for each child in the class! Mrs Bramell also inspired our Nursery ‘mini chefs’ and made pizza with the children. Thanks to all the parents who volunteer in the classroom.

We visited the hall and enjoyed a fantastic LEGO workshop during the Science, Maths and Engineering part of the week. The children worked well and were exceptionally focussed on the tasks. What a fun session!

Next week’s letter is ‘C’ and the rhyme goes as follows: ‘Curl around the caterpillar.’

 We have also been rehearsing our class assembly and look forward to sharing this with you on Wednesday 25th March at 9:15am.

On Friday the children are invited to bring in their Lenten boxes. In the morning we will be laying out our coins in the playground, adding the coins from nursery to those collected by the rest of the school.
Have a super weekend.
Megan de Klerk


Friday, 13 March 2015


This week we have been busy planting all the different bulbs and seeds that the children brought in last week. We look forward to watching them grow over the next few weeks. The children were very excited to see how much their cress had grown over the weekend and  enjoyed watching it continue to grow this week.

We listened to the story of The Enormous Turnip and then all the children took part in different activities. Some children voted for which vegetable they liked best out of carrots and peas and we practised writing numbers as we recorded the number of votes.Carrots was a clear favourite! 

Some children made repeated patterns with potato printing. We also had a look at how a vegetable changes when it is cooked by looking at uncooked and cooked carrots and potatoes.
We have  been practising our counting by counting large groups of vegetables and seeing if we can count 6 vegetables out of a larger group. Nursery are very good at counting.
We also made some lovely pictures using lentils instead of paints.

We finished our Mother's day cards by drawing a picture of our mummies!
On Friday we joined the rest of the school in taking part in Comic Relief Day. We wore something red to nursery and decorated  our own red nosed cake.

Here are a few of the other things we have done this week.

I hope you all have a great weekend and that mums you have a lovely day on Sunday.
Next week we have our Lego workshop on Wednesday and will be doing lots of different art and music activities. We will be continuing to practise the letter g and introducing the sound o for orange. Our rhyme is: "o o o orange. All around the orange."
Jill Clarke