Friday, 3 October 2014

My feet

This week we started by talking about all the things we could  do with our feet. Jumping,hopping,scooting and walking were popular answers, but we also had painting, ballet, swimming and climbing up a wall.
In maths we practised counting steps and claps and in art we used wellington boots to make paint patterns on paper.
In RE we started our new topic on Welcome by making a welcome card for a friend in nursery. Next week we will be looking at
the children's baptism photographs. Thank you for all the ones I have received so far. RE will be on Tuesday and Friday next week so there is still time to send in your photograph.

Next week we will be talking about our favourite toys. If your child would like to bring in a favourite teddy or doll on Thursday we will be having a little teddy bears picnic.
Here we are using our feet to make our way around the trim trail.
Have a lovely weekend.

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