Friday, 26 September 2014

My Hands

We started the week by thinking about all the things we could use our hands for. Nursery came up with  a long list including eating,washing, sharing a puzzle, putting on gloves , holding a baby and getting messy!
We then went outside to use our hands to plant some flowers in the EYFS garden. Nursery will be looking after them over the winter.

In number we practised counting small groups of objects using our
counting finger.
We also made some chocolate krispie cakes.The children worked  really well as a small group to share the preparation. Each breaking the chocolate , adding and stirring the krispies and watching what happened as we melted the chocolate.

Here are a few of the other things we did this week.



French bread ws a popular snack with the boys!
Painting with our fingers

The children really enjoyed looking at the I'm a Star boxes and are all looking forward to their turn.  Thank you for helping to fill the boxes when it is your child's turn.
Next week we will be talking about using positional language in maths and starting our new RE topic on Baptism.  It would be lovely if all the childrem could bring in a photograph of their Baptism for sometime next week. We will be looking at them in RE the following week. 
Have a lovely weekend
Jill Clarke

Saturday, 20 September 2014

My Family

This week we have been thinking about our families. The children have been talking about their photographs and their comments have been added to the "Ourselves" board. Do take a look when you have a moment.  In small group time they all drew pictures of who lives in their house and talked about the different jobs that mummies, daddies and brothers and sisters do.

In phonics we started the theme of Environmental Sounds. The children went for a walk in the school grounds and came up with a long list of the things they could hear. Well done nursery.

In maths we practised matching a number to the correct number of fingers and learned a new rhyme starting with "One, one a big  sticky bun, two two look at my shoe....."

In RE we talked about how the Bible tells us that God takes care of us. We drew a picture of someone in our family we would like God to take care of.


Here are some of the other things we did this week including exploring what happens when we mix colours and enjoying a bread stick at snack time. Thank you for all your contributions of cooking and snack money. Next week we will be starting our own nursery bake off by making some chocolate krispie cakes and enjoying some french bread and crackers at snack time.


Next week we will be finding out about our hands. We will be seeing how many conkers we can pick up with one hand and then practising counting them by putting them in a straight line and using our counting finger to count them one at a time.
We are going to be planting some flowers in the Foundation Stage Playground and making some feely pictures using different textures.
Have a lovely weekend.
Jill Clarke

Friday, 12 September 2014

Week 2: A Week of Firsts

This week has been the children's first full week and a lot has happened! On Tuesday we made our way up to the Key Stage 2 field to watch 50 balloons being released to celebrate St Dominic School's 50th birthday. On Wednesday we had our first PE lesson in the hall and on Thursday we had some special visitors come and watch us in our RE lesson as part of the School's RE Inspection.  The children took part in the lesson with great enthusiasm singing "I am special because God loves me" and learning some actions to a Bible verse. To end our week we had our first music session where we learned to dance like Looby looo and play our percussion instruments quietly and loudly.

Here are some photos of nursery in action.



 Here are a few of the other things we have done this week.

On Monday Mrs deKlerk will be getting to know the nursery class. I hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Jill Clarke


Monday, 8 September 2014

Welcome to Nursery

A very warm welcome to all the new nursery children and their families. We have had a lovely first few days and all the children have settled very well.

We have spent the first week finding out about some of the different activities that the children can choose to do during the morning. We have found out how to have our snack each day and started to learn a new song called "Jesus's love is very wonderful." See if your child can show you any of the actions. The children are picking up the morning routine very quickly and have all taken part in some small group games to help them learn each others names.

On Friday we started our RE topic on "Myself." We talked about our name and why our names are important. We then decorated a mat with our name and picture on, which are going to be used for snack time. While we are doing the topic the mats will be displayed in the classroom. Do take a look with your child . Next week we will be starting to talk about how God loves us and knows us by name.

A couple of reminders. Please could all children bring in a photograph of their family. We will be talking about them in key worker time next week.

On Wednesday there is the nursery information meeting for all parents and carers. This will be at 11.30 am in the nursery classroom.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Jill Clarke